NEWS - ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                         

April 2011                                                                                                                                                                               
29 Abstract submission deadline for the CAREX CONFERENCE ON LIFE IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS:Ireland
February 2011                                                                                                                                 
7 Abstract submission deadline for the 4th Congress of European Microbiologists FEMS 2011
28 Abstract submission deadline for the 11th Conference on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology
January 2011          
10 MBK Comments on Arsenic Life Paper (by C. Drainas) 
December 2010          
16-18 "3rd National MikroBioKosmos conference", NOHSIS, Thessaloniki
December 2009 
11-13  2nd National Microbiokosmos Conference, Caravel Hotel, Athens
October 2009 
15-17 Molecular Approaches to unravel the hidden microbial world - A MicrobeGR Workshop 
March 2009
20 Microarray Affymetrix System (PhyloChip)
12 Desicions of the Executive Board of the Hellenic Microbiokosmos Society 
December 2008      
12-14 "1st National MikroBioKosmos conference", NCSR Demokritos, Athens
June 2008
30 Poster of the National Initiative MikroBioKosmos
21-24 ΕΜΒΟ workshop: "Microbial Diversity and Metagenomics"
February 2008
- "Uncharted Microbial World: Microbes and Their Activities in the Environment" from the American Academy of Microbiology
 December 2007 
18 Third meeting of the Founding Committee of HIM at ΕΙΕ
November 2007
1 Securing Canada's Future Bio-Based Economy through Genomics
October 2007
 Development of Genomic Sciences in Mexico: A Good Start and a Long Way to Go
September 2007
6 Fifth meeting of the Founding Committee of HIM  in Athens, at the Natural History Museum, Goulandri
July 2007
- Recording of the Ongoing Research Projects of the National Network on Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics in Greece
19 Fourth meeting of the Founding Committee of HIM in Athens
June 2007
8 USA National Research Council Report on Metagenomics and our Microbial Planet
December 2006
16   Third meeting of the Founding Committee of HIM at CERTH, Thessaliniki
15  First Greek Metagenomics Workshop in CERTH
October 2006
8 Second meeting of the Founding Committee of HIM at NHRF, Athens
September 2006
1   Release of the HIM web site at
August 2006
17   First meeting of the Founding Committee of HIM in Athens
June 2006
15 Submit of the MicroBioCosmos proposal to the Greek Secretary of Research and Technology (GSRT) and to the Ministry of Education